Eat Here Now is a credible, straight-talking review mecca edited by Simon Farrell-Green. We’ve always turned to this site when we needed a food answer and we needed it with a dose of realism and affability. We especially enjoy their Open Mondays! tag. When it is our ‘hospo’ weekend we don’t have to think too much, we just have to trust their reviews, and trust them we do. We also appreciate that this site isn’t about the trendy inner city and dominated by the same restauranteurs or chefs. Britomart diners are on the same playing field as ethnic eateries in suburbs. And the astute lens of photographer David Straight captures each place’s table and chairs as if they were landscapes. Textures and little touches replace food as the central visual focus. A dish may be fleeting, but an interior is captivating.

This review on Stafford Road Wine Bar made us feel great today. We have six weeks until we leave and the pressure of our sacrifices has made us question our trip a few times. We regain certainty when we talk about the future ‘us’. We will have a place of our own, run it as we intend, and serve up our creativity and ambition without bowing to expectations. We don’t know much of what will happen as our overseas journey unfolds, but we do know we’ll be back… Thank you, this review gave us a much needed boost.

We’ve talked a bit about a strange ‘Kiwi’ attitude which places people who have traveled on a pedestal. It seems to happen in every industry but we hope we’re immune to this… Firstly because neither of us are from New Zealand in the first place. Secondly, this is home, and as such it has a claim on our hearts. Thirdly, because this trip has always been a means to an end for us. And the end of the story has a menu with our name on it.