At the Metro Top 50 Restaurant awards we both reveled in the occasion to see friends and mentors celebrated. I’m a daylight person looking at the bizarre hospo scene of ungodly hours from the outside in. It often frustrates and confuses me, but last night I “got it”. The camaraderie between chefs, front-of-house and those who choose and pour the drinks seemed genuine to me. I sensed a shared pride in creating a city known for its purposeful and innovative dining. The rise of independent and owner-run restaurants was clear. The place of ‘the local’ was upheld and the changing face of the industry was not avoided, it was embraced. Highlights for us were the awards received by Cazador and Sidart. I’m glad I finally got a chance to try Orphans Kitchen last week, as I knew why they returned to the stage a couple of times.

In late August 2013 I remember Ed saying how great it would be to get Stafford Road into the Top 50. And they did it. Within 8 months. I’m so proud because I know how much work he personally put in during many ungodly hours during that time. Ed has just two weeks remaining there and we wish Stafford Road all the best to continue their year with such an accolade and recognition of the wine list.

After the awards, we felt torn about leaving and the bittersweet moments of talking to people about our Scandanavia plans. But as much as we spoke about leaving, we spoke about returning. We can’t wait to follow all the dynamic growth from abroad and get up early in Sweden next year to experience the 2015 Metro Top 50 through twitter.