Sometimes we all have to do something a little bit crazy. Achieving dreams takes sacrifice, risk and adventure. A little while ago we wondered what it would look like to live and work overseas, forging relationships with our inspirations and respected leaders in our fields. This seed has taken root and we are overturning our Auckland lives to make the most of this opportunity.

While we feel we’ve both received an immense amount of acknowledgement recently, through awards exhibitions, scholarships, and positive reviews, our hunger to learn and experience has compelled us to make this choice. It won’t be easy to step away from such momentum and many hard yards we’ve put in to our careers. However, we can’t wait to return enriched by our shared journey and embark on the next phase of life in the City of Sails.

In summary, we will travel to Bornholm, Copenhagen, London, Cape Town and Stockholm. Ed will be staging at Kadeau Bornholm and Kadeau København, Relae and Frantzén for a total of seven months; with shorter term stages at other restaurants in South Africa yet to be confirmed. Laura will be photographing the unique story of the Kadeau team through their summer relocation to the island Bornholm, collaborating with international photographers and enjoying the time to intersperse commercial work with her personal portfolio in travel and documentary. We’re both also really excited to spend a significant couple of months in the Franschhoek valley with Laura’s family on the Haut Espoir vineyard during harvest.

We have felt nervous, excited and really connected as we’ve nourished this idea into a dynamic and strategic sabbatical. We’ll use this blog to document and share our travels which will take us away from home for at least a year and into the landscape of our craziest dreams.

*Feature Image: FOOL #4 featuring Relae.