It’s hard to pull myself away from our garden on a sunny day at the moment. Anyone who follows my instagram knows I have a “thing” for flowers and plants. I’m growing something quite involved for an installation at Silo Park in December (Artvent!), and trying to get our edibles thriving for summer. Every day is a battle against the blackbirds for our loganberries and macai berries… I can’t wait for the nigella to go to seed, as much as I love the fantastical flowers, the onion-y seeds are the best.


As usual, the dining room table became the centre of a sweet-little-nothings photoshoot of flowers when I needed a break from the sun. Poor Ed, every night he comes home there are more petals on his desk. I have 9 vases on the table at the moment. Oh well, at least I don’t collect cats. Just plants.

Laura Forest Flowers