We did it! And when I say we did it, I mean we created a dish for 110 people, a 3 meter installation using over 40 materials and three photography prints. Then I photographed the busy service happening inside the kitchen: 13 chefs, canapes and 5 courses.

For us ArtDego2013 was a stellar success, and we’ve loved hearing all the feedback about our collaboration. Thanks to every guest who came to tell us what you liked, or tagged us in a positive message. Knowing people enjoy what we do, is the motivation behind our late nights.

This is what we created together:

Ed’s dish – Venison, pork scotch, goats curd, red seaweed and geranium. A response to the earth and forest of Laura’s work and the colour, textures and ‘ingredients’ used in her still-life series.

Laura’s art – Laura Forest’s landscape photography is ethereal and delicate. In her ‘flesh&flowers’ still-life series, the overt juxtaposition of unrelated and somewhat absurd objects evokes a similar dream-like quality, but with a disconcerting tone.

Thanks to: the team that led this event in all aspects from production to the kitchen, to the art and front of house: Courteney & Alice at gather & hunt, Rebecca Smidt and Dariush Lolaiy at Cazador, and Emma Goldstraw from Q Theatre.

The team that made such a night possible: from everyone who gave up their weekend for pack-in, and to the team that ran an impeccable service –  we really appreciate you!

The chefs – watching you weave together and work in synergy was really amazing, Humanity in general could learn a lot from how this crew pulled together and served up 550 dishes of amazingness, in a bare-bones “kitchen” pieced together for one night only.


Our dish had a lot of support of its own.  We want to give special mention to:

Kendall Coleman who joined us from Foxtrot Parlour and is an up&coming pastry chef

Lydia Reusser of posy&wild for supplying me with stunning proteas, lilies, sweetpeas and antlers

Tiffany Singh for her sacred coyote skulls

Vin Alto for letting me gather bones in a deer field and gifting me the stunning moss covered antlers that were the base of my installation

The local park and riverbed for supplying me with onion weed and arum lillies

Our garden for its abundance of seeds, geraniums, herbs, moss and lichens

Katy and Nautilus Estate for the lovely wine accompanying our dish, their Pinot Noir 2011 Vintage

Sarah and Erin for spending a night assembling 110 hand-stamped gifts of seeds with me.