Last night we shared the first night off together in a very long time. Too long. We have a lot on our plates right now.

Ed lit a barbecue and began testing his dish for ArtDego2013.

I was cleaning a skull, a spine, and a jaw that I collected from Vin Alto’s free-range deer field in Clevedon. A hind had fallen this summer, and I was gifted his bones for my installation at ArtDego2013.

Last night our collaboration for this event took shape visually and in flavour. We’re really excited about what we have to offer people dining at ArtDego this weekend. We’ve harvested seaweed from the beautiful Waitakere coastline, and we’ve written our foraging list. I’ve got my own long list of flowers to find and collect with Lydia, a florist and owner of posy&wild. I’ve also been growing seeds, drying edible petals, sorting through my wildflower seed harvest from the summer and getting ready to make a gift for every person. Although our time feels so precious right now, it’s been really special to work on something as a team again.

We’ve also really appreciated hearing how excited people are to see what we do, based on their experience of The Ballet Banquet… or for most people, their regret at missing The Ballet Banquet.

Ed’s been so busy lately as he has released most of his menu at Stafford Road and has excelled at blending fine dining with relaxed bar snacks and convivial dishes to share. I harvested some flowers from our garden and delivered them to his kitchen on Sunday. It was also a great opportunity to take some photos of his new menu as dishes were ordered.

Just see for yourselves what we’ve been up to lately. One day soon, we’ll make the time to organise a proper photo-shoot of Ed’s menu.