In my last post on ArtDEGO, the header image of a woman walking past a rainbow of ribbons, is really significant. Last year at ArtDEGO, little did I know that Ed and I would be destined to the life we now lead together. However, as soon as I saw Tiffany Singh installing her beautiful work, I knew I’d met a soul-mate of a friend.

Laura Forest Chef and Photographer Tiffany Singh-41

My instinct proved true. Almost a year has passed and Tiffany is one of the closest people to me. Today, Tiffany and I spent hours collecting flowers and leaves for her latest commissioned artwork.  Finding every colour of petal was easy, except for blue. I pride myself on my knowledge of plants and trees, but still no blue was to be found. Off we ventured to a wild field in the hope of discovering something sapphire nestled under the groves. Much to our delight, a local volcano was covered in heartleaf plants, with tiny blue flowers. I took the chance to pick violets and wild onion flowers for our lunch. Fortunately Tiffany’s garden also overflows with wood sorrel, dandelion, rocket and geraniums. I love what a rainbow of a dish we made just from what was growing around us.

Laura Forest Chef and Photographer Tiffany Singh-2