I’ve mentioned ArtDEGO before on our blog and it will increasingly occupy our posts for the next month.

Go to your diary and put a big circle around October 13th… And then eagerly await the announcement of tickets, because all 110 places will sell out, just like last year…

I’ve tried so many ways to describe this event. The best I can do is to say it is like dining exploration inside a multimedia gallery. You’ll be taken on a stylistic journey by 6 chefs playing to their creative strengths, accompanied by the skills of a mixologist and flavourful wine matching. All the while surrounded by art installations by 5 up&coming artists: eating from art, looking at art, hearing art… And the most important part: the chefs and artists collaborate in pairs on the dish/art creative concept. But don’t merely listen to me, just look at this gallery from 2012… Yes, I took those photos. Yes, Ed made the canapes. No, we weren’t really crazy beautiful in love then. In fact, we didn’t even talk to each other…

We’ve gone from virtual strangers to being honoured as a chosen Artist/Chef collaboration for gather & hunt‘s 2013 event. Amazing how the world turns in a year!

We were up late last night brainstorming a dish and how it relates to a recent series I’ve produced at Kingsize Studios. To give you a sneak peek of my work, without revealing too much, I must warn you that my quirkiest, playful and, at times, dark aesthetic has found full momentum in this series….

And Ed’s the perfect chef to interpret prawns in trees, or skulls and branches or flesh and flowers.

We’re excited. Understatement. Considering our last collaboration resulted in many gasps of delight, and even a few tears, we’re in for upping the stakes and doing something as unexpected!

Skulls Laura Forest ArtDEGO