Firstly, let me suggest that you take a seat and get comfortable. Because you may want to pause for a while and watch this video a few times over….


Thanks to the team at gather & hunt I can now relive the night of Ballet Banquet through more than my photos. Benjamin Brooking is a master of moving image & I gladly hand over my stills for animation in his magical videos. This is my favourite video yet. Possibly ever.

It’s been wonderful for us to receive so many messages of support and appreciation post Ballet Banquet. The response has been phenomenal and so generous! I think next time when tickets go on sale for an event like this, nobody will blink at the price because they now know what they will experience cannot be ‘bought’. This time last Friday we were in a very different state of mind as we prepared for an absolutely massive task ahead. I think at this precise moment last week I would have been preparing the violet flowers for Sleeping Beauty. Just one flower out of 1700 handpicked and wild garnishes… Ed was preparing the beetroot used in The Nutcracker. We’re both details people you see…

Laura Forest Food Still Life Series 2013A great week of celebration for both of us, not only because of the success of Ballet Banquet, but Laura has also had a ten page food feature released in Good Magazine, as well as a three page feature in Kia Ora magazine on Rekindle. Her still-life food and plant series is due for a write up & interview in a major photography publication. As well as being interviewed today in Metro Magazine for the People Pages. Ed certainly had his limelight time last week with two radio interviews and receiving a standing ovation for his food and creativity…. Ed’s straight back into work developing his new seasonal menu due for imminent release, but we’ll share more on that when the time is right. We’re taking a well deserved weekend to go off the grid, enjoy the Clevedon Farmers Market, and make lots of gorgeous food with family!

Laura Forest Good Magazine