Our home feels like 40 people are about to dine in our living room. Every available surface is covered in ingredients, equipment, foraged herbs and flowers or forest elements. Tomorrow we move everything into the massive kitchen at The Civic and Ed will unfurl his very long and complex prep list. Creating dishes like these will take two days of relentless work and we’ve spent two days gathering, collecting, picking and ordering a veritable feast for your senses. In our garage I have created a little habitat for a living forest which will feature in Giselle, and I am lovingly caring for boxes of moss and lichen so they are dewy and delicious when they arrive, in some amazing form, at the tables.

Laura Forest Chef and Photographer moss forest smoke giselle ballet banquetThe ballet banquet has been on our minds for months. I feel like La Sylphide and Romeo and Juliet have become daily utterances between us… Today as we roved through groves and organic vegetable beds and glades and rows of fir trees, it dawned on me just how deeply we are living and breathing this event.

Recently Ed and Claire Cowan (The Blackbird Ensemble) were interviewed on Radio New Zealand: I loved hearing Ed talk about his inspirations and try so very hard not to give anything away. Only two more days… We hope to see you there….

Here are a few visual morsels to encourage you to come, if you don’t have your ticket yet.