Ed was asked to be part of an event in honor of The Royal New Zealand Ballet’s 60th birthday celebration.

Ed’s designed a menu to reflect and compliment ballets. We get to work alongside Antipodes, Nautilus Estate, gather & hunt, chef Brian Campbell and Claire Cowan in what will be a truly phenomenal and immersive dining experience.

Ballet Banquet Ed Verner Royal New Zealand Ballet

Last night gather & hunt shot the promo video in the kitchen of Cazador (thank you to our friends Bex and Dariush for welcoming us with such generosity, even though it was a night of service for you!).

The kitchen was full of smoke and projections. Roses were beheaded with a cleaver. Ballerina’s pirouetted across steel blades and white aprons… It was all very dramatic, to say the least.

We’ll share more of The Ballet Banquet developments here in due time, we just couldn’t wait to announce it.

Here’s a behind the scenes view of the video shoot…