Every time I think back to Art DEGO in 2012, I get chills thinking of what an ambitious concept it was, and how amazingly it was actualized.

gather and hunt brought together a phenomenal crew of chefs, artists and hospo people to deliver a truly unique dining experience during Art Week. I didn’t know Ed very well at all then, in fact, we’d never spoken even though I photographed him when he worked at SidArt for a Tasting Club event. Even though I didn’t know Ed, I was once again taken aback by the intense concentration he had when preparing his dishes, as well as the vivid colours and the thought he’d put into them.

Venison, red cabbage & gingerbread

Ed Verner canape Art Dego

Watermelon, bonito, fig leaf and macadamia

Ed Verner canape Art DEGO Laura Forest

I loved the way Ed’s canapes returned to the kitchen as artworks in themselves…

Ed Verner canape Art DEGO

For an experience of the evening, spend a few minutes looking at the gallery or Benj Brooking’s video that also animates my stills.